Friday, 24 June 2011

Heist Society by Ally Carter

Heist Society by Ally Carter

Source: Library
Publisher: Hyperion Books
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 287

When Katarina Bishop was three, her parents took her to the case it. For her seventh birthday, Katarina and her Uncle Eddie traveled to steal the crown jewels. When Kat turned fifteen, she planned a con of her own—scamming her way into the best boarding school in the country, determined to leave the family business behind. Unfortunately, leaving "the life" for a normal life proves harder than she'd expected.  
Soon, Kat's friend and former co-conspirator, Hale, appears out of nowhere to bring her back into the world she tried so hard to escape. But he has good reason: a powerful mobster's art collection has been stolen, and he wants it returned. Only a master thief could have pulled this job, and Kat’s father isn’t just on the suspect list, he is the list. Caught between Interpol and a far more deadly enemy, Kat’s dad needs her help.

For Kat there is only one solution: track down the paintings and steal them back. So what if it’s a spectacularly impossible job? She’s got two weeks, a teenage crew, and hopefully just enough talent to pull off the biggest heist in her family’s (very crooked) history—and, with any luck, steal her life back along the way.
Heist Society was a marvellously enchanting novel. With mystery, humour and just general fun, Ally Carter wrote a story that entranced me from page one and left me eager for more.

Kat was a really interesting character. I truly never expected to sympathize with a thief (even one just born into the 'business') but I found myself really connecting with Kat. For someone skilled in stealing valuable, high-security items, Kat was remarkably normal. I actually liked the whole crew in Heist Society. I thought they worked well together and all had their unique set of quirks. I must say, Hale was my favourite (sorry, Kat!).

The plot of this book moves along quickly, making it an exciting, action-packed ride. It kept me guessing until the end and the pages that showed the days 'til deadline were wonderful. Towards the end, I was literally vibrating in my seat with excitement, shouting out at everyone that could hear me "oh my gosh, only 2 days left - WHAT NOW?"

All in all, a delightful read that kept me hooked and entertained.  

Cover Comments: What's not to love? I think it seriously represents the appeal the book had for me - the mysterious, unique, fun vibe. Pretty font as well!


  1. I loved this book, too! I can't wait to read Uncommon Criminals. I loved Kat and Hale, and the entire idea of these teenagers planning this complicated heist. It was like Oceans 11 for teens, lol. : )

  2. I haven't read this novel. I actually just bought the book this week but it sounds like I did myself a favor! I can't wait to meet Kat. Thanks for the great review!

  3. Yay you're back! Hope your exams went well! I haven't read Heist Society yet but I love Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls series, and from your review, I think I can tell I'll love this one just as much. Another book to add to my reading pile - thanks for the great review, and glad you enjoyed it! :).

  4. Ann: Oh yeah, I'm so excited to read Uncommon Criminals. I sure picked a good time to start the series ;) That's exactly what it was! I loved Oceans 11, too.

    Amber: Hope you enjoy it! :)

    Liz: I'm back! I think they went well for the most part :) I started the Gallagher Girls series and liked them.. I'm just not caught up. I might just restart it when I have time. Thanks!

  5. I've been wanting to read this one. It just sounds soo fun!

  6. Thanks, Ashley! :)

    Jillian: Oh, it really is :) I can't wait to read the next one!