Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Hunger Games Trailer

The new Hunger Games trailer has been released! Have you seen it yet?

I LOVE the trailer. Honestly, every time I see a new picture or read a new interview or see a new clip, I'm more and more impressed with Jennifer Lawrence. That scene with Prim where she volunteers in her place? Amazing. I think she'll be a perfect Katniss. 

And it's February now! We're so close to getting to see the actual movie it's insane. It feels like yesterday that the cast was getting announced but it's almost here! I can't wait to see it.

What do you think of the trailer?


  1. :O.

    I have no words. Well, except that I can't wait to watch this film.

  2. EXCITED!! I've just finished the series of books (so late I know!) but I think Jennifer Lawrence is a perfect choice for Katniss to, and I'm curious to see if Peeta is as amazing as he is in the books.
    Can't wait!

  3. I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED. "Take care of them Gale. Whatever you do, don't leave them starve!" ;( Damn, Jennifer Lawrence is going to shine in this movie. I honestly think this will be one of my favourite book-to-movie adaptations. They have just nailed EVERYTHING. The look, the feel, the casting, I have such high hopes for this being amazing because everything we've seen so far IS amazing <3

    AND OMG NEXT MONTH NEXT MONTH NEXT MONTH!! That has come by crazy fast. I'm both excited for it to come and... a small part of me isn't since we have to wait more than a year for Catching Fire's release *torture*


  5. *happy dance* Can't believe this month is coming out next month! Damn I hope this movie rocks because it looks epic just by the trailer. Fingers crossed. Now I really need to re-read the series so I have a fresh mind on what's going on. :)

  6. Not a fan of the trilogy, but the trailers for the movie look awesome! Can't wait. :D