Sunday, 9 March 2014

All Was Well

Hi friends,

This will likely come as a surprise to few of you but I've decided to say goodbye to book blogging. While I have loved this journey so so so much, I just don't have the same time or passion to dedicate to it anymore and I thought it was finally time to make things official.

Thank you SO much for your love and support over the years. Every comment, tweet and email has meant the world to me -- you guys are the greatest.

While I'm sad to leave this part of my life behind, I'm equal parts excited! I'm looking forward to reading books just for the sake of reading them again. I want to savour every word; to reach the last page of a new favourite book and just start again at the beginning right away. I want to start regularly using my library again once I pay off that scary fine.

I'm going to try and start using Twitter again (I know, I'm terrible at it!) so I hope you'll come find me there :) YA has taken a backseat the past few months but I'd really like to get back into it again, even if it's not in a blogging capacity, so I'm hoping Twitter will continue to supply me with endless bookish news and love.

Once again, thank you for giving a 15 year old girl (!!!) a platform to rave about books. I appreciate your enthusiasm more than you can know <3

Much love,


  1. At least we'll still have you on twitter :) Blogging does make it hard to read for pleasure, so I hope you can relax and enjoy reading from now on! xox

  2. B-b-but. I'll miss your posts so freaking much :( *makes a don't gooo face*
    I understand, though. I can already feel myself unable to cope with the book-blogging commitments I've made over the year... and reading for pleasure... yeah, that gets sidetracked sometimes. Glad to know you'll still be on twitter! Good luck with everything, Sonia xxx You're awesome!

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