Monday, 26 March 2012

The Hunger Games Movie

Spoiler-free Review!

So yesterday, something BIG happened...

I got ready on time!

No, actually, that's not it. I mean, I did, but believe it or not, something even MORE IMPORTANT happened. I finally saw The Hunger Games!

AND IT WAS AMAZING. MY MIND IS BLOWN. I'm going to try my best to articulate my thoughts in a clear, rational way but don't be surprised if a lot of key smashing occurs instead.

First up, major props to the cast. I thought every single one of them did a fantastic job but there was one character in particular that I thought was exceptional. I'm talking, of course, about the lovely Jennifer Lawrence or, as she is known in the movie, Katniss Everdeen.
Source: Telegraph

I already knew that Jennifer understood Katniss' character perfectly from the numerous interviews I've read but I wasn't sure that she would be able to pull it off on-screen. She did. Every single scene whether it was happy, humorous, sad or bone-chilling was just nailed. I am so impressed with the way she embodied Katniss.

Then, there was the rest of the cast. Amazing!

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Peeta was adorable: sweet and charming, just like I wanted. Although Gale didn't have too many scenes, he still portrayed the strong, confident hunter. Both boys were able to capture the feelings they had for Katniss in a few seconds and I am just so pleased with the end result.

Then, of course, there were the other characters like Effie and Cinna, Haymitch and Rue. EVERYONE WAS SO GOOD OMG. Sorry I don't have time to go over each and every single one but I LOVED THEM AAAAAAAALL.

I love Katniss, Haymitch and Effie in this picture LOL. They all had such great chemistry.

Hungerg 001.jpg

Then besides the characters, there were so many things I loved.

The Capitol fashion was completely ridiculous (see Effie!) but so fun and colourful too. I think I snorted every time the camera flashed to the audience in the Capitol.

Seneca Crane was AWESOME and I loved the technology used to work the games. I really appreciated the constant flipping back between the Games and the TV broadcasting which emphasized the whole point of it.

Check out that beard!

Source: zap2it

I think this may be my favourite book-to-movie adaptation of all time. (Except Lord of the Rings. You can't beat LotR.) It stayed close to the book and left in what I thought were the most important points. Is it time for Catching Fire yet? BECAUSE FAKSFHKSAFHSAKFH, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you seen The Hunger Games yet? What did you think?


  1. Great review Sonia!! I loved Jennifer as Katniss so much, she was pretty much perfect. The Capitol fashions were hilarious and I loved the clips of the games creation...very clever addition. Definitely my fave book to movie adaptation

    The Cait Files

  2. OK, seriously, Seneca was AMAZING, and that beard was a work of art.

    "I think this may be my favourite book-to-movie adaptation of all time. (Except Lord of the Rings. You can't beat LotR.)" YES YES YES!!!

    SOOOO glad you loved it! I LOVED IT!
    I ADORED Rue, she was AMAZING! The actress is an ANGEL.
    And Stanley Tucci as Ceasar was possibly my fave in the whole film.

    Oh, seriously, I loved EVERYTHING.

  3. I wasn't really taken with the movie. I felt it was a little too close to the book and that the movie didn't take any creative freedom. You know when there is a scene that was added that wasn't in the book or something like that. This was pretty much exactly word for word from the book. I know sometimes book reviewers complain how book movies are too far gone from the book but this was just too similar.

    I did love Jennifer as Katniss, she was the shining moment in the movie but I didn't like the actor that played Peeta. Yeah I guess he played Peeta but I just didn't like him, he didn't look like Peeta to me.

    I'm glad you thought this was so awesome.

    On a major side note: I just found your blog from Planet Print and I love your header! it is simple but elegant. I look forward to following your blog and your future posts :)

  4. I LOVED this movie as well :) I was impressed!
    I also liked every actor that played their part, especially Prim, Rue, Kloves, Katniss, and Seneca! Seneca was awesome!! I felt for him all the way!

  5. YES. YES. OMG. YES. JENNIFER LAWRENCE!! There was not a single moment in the entire movie where I doubted her. She held me captivated the entire time and wow. Her acting is phenomenal. Not to mention, on a completely unrelated note, Jennifer makes a hot brunette :D

    Josh and Liam were also PERFECT and HAYMITCH AND EFFIE AND CINNA AND RUE! Oh gosh, Rue was just so gorgeous <3 Seneca has creepy eyes haha. I loved how his character was included in the film. And yeah, that beard... it's famous, has it's wn facebook page and all LOL.

    Don't throw rocks at me, but I've neither watched nor read LOTR :S THG is by far, my favourite book-film adaptation too and OMG CATCHING FIRE! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I am ridiculously excited for Finnick casting :D

  6. THAT IS MAHOGANY! Sorry just had to say it! haha. I absolutely loved this book and honestly it's the best book adaptation I've seen. Anyway the actors were so true to the characters themselves and despite a couple of things being different . . . I didn't care whatsoever. Anyway I loved HAYMITCH so much in this movie . . . Woody was HIM! He made me laugh too many times. :)