Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Finding the Time

As a student (or maybe just functioning member of society) I often feel like I don't have the time I want, or need, for reading.

Prime example: I bought Insurgent and City of Lost Souls on the same day and I didn't start either of them for days after. DAYS. We're talking about two of my most anticipated releases of the year and so for me to put devouring them on hold speaks volumes.

(I have since started Insurgent and OMG SO GOOD. Can Four just come live with me? <3)

I'm sure that not everyone spends as much time on school as I do but given the very, very high importance it has in my life, it (unfortunately, sometimes) needs to come first. This is great in some ways but not so fabulous when it comes to reading time. So what do I do?

Well. I've decided that reading is just not for me and I'll never pick up another book again.


*shudders* Not even kidding, guys, that was a little tough to type.

I've always loved to read and I'm confident that I always will... even if that doesn't prove true, it certainly is for the time being. So I read when I can. By this, I pretty much mean that I read in every spare moment I can find. In the two minute walk I take between classes, there is a good chance you'll find me with a book in my hand (I've actually gotten so good at manoeuvring the halls while doing this haha). It doesn't always work out -- I've yet to master eating and reading at the same time for fear that I'll spill something on a page -- but it helps.

Over the next week weeks, I'll be posting (most likely on Saturdays) some of the experiences I've had reading in different places (the bus, the bathtub... you get the idea).

How do you find the time to read?


  1. When I'm at school, I don't really have time to read for fun. I try when I finally have some free time, but by then I'm usually burned out from reading for school. But I will take books to read during my lunch breaks and in between classes. Takes me so long to finish a book by doing that!

  2. Um... I hope you realize you just gave me a near-heart-attack when you wrote that line about "never picking up a book again." Like, seriously; I had to reread the post a couple of times to realize you were being sarcastic because the idea is just so scary that joking about it strikes pure terror right through my heart. I'm oh-so-thoroughly relieved that you weren't being serious about that part.

    Anyways, I totally understand how difficult it can be for finding the time to... really do anything other than school work. Especially since it's the end of May and exams are coming up so things are starting to get crazy... and because our school's a bit harder than most, from what I understand... and you have the harder semester between the two of us.

    Um... I basically like reading when I know there's no school (Christmas break, March break, summer break... it was supposed to happen this past long weekend, but there was a wedding, so...). It's because there's this constant nagging that I forgot to do something and I know if I'm reading something I enjoy, I'm not going to stop and do it and then I fear I'll fail. (Well, I did enjoy that, until I started using up that time for my writing. I'm going to fix that this summer!)

    Anyways, do what you must, and then I will eagerly await the return of your reviews!

    (And I really like the Ryan GIF. I saw it before I actually read the post and I got so excited.)

    - May :)

    1. You rushing up to me when you saw me reading and being so relieved that I was kidding MADE MY DAY, I hope you know that :) Don't worry, I'm not planning on leaving the book world for a loooooooooong long time.

      Yeah, I feel like stuff is always kinda crazy! Yes, our school is supposedly tougher, especially in the English department. Woo.

      I totally get the nagging feeling! I get that too and then when I can sink into a book, it's such a relief :) Best feeling in the world, I'm telling you (well... it's up there).

  3. Oh my goodness. For real, I thought you were serious. I thought "Not even kidding, guys.." was referring to your earlier pledge LOL. *wipes brow*

    I'm in the middle of exams right now and I'm just killing myself. I'm taking DAYS to read one book (I usually read books in just a day!) AND THIS IS CITY OF LOST SOULS AND INSURGENT TOO! I feel very guilty that I'm taking so long to read and that my blog has been empty-ish for the past 1-2 weeks, minus a few scattered posts. I'm just counting down the days until exams are over so I can write and post up the 15 reviews I've got waiting...

    When I don't have exams on, I read whenever I can. Usually, that's at night before I go to bed. I'm usually studying until 8-9pm but everything after that is book time! I've trained myself by now to stay up until 1-2am so that I can read, otherwise I would not get a single page in! And I just can't bear it.. I value reading over sleep ;)

    I hope school goes well for you! I'm a high achiever too and school is extremely important to me so I totally understand. I wish you luck on your ninja reading endeavours <3 Just a few months and I'll be freeeeee. Hopefully the same applies to you ;)

    1. *Count Dracula laughter* I am actually a little DELIGHTED for having worried you guys! :D Is that horrible? Probably.

      Aww Lisa, that sucks! Well at least you'll be finished soon? And psh, don't be ridiculous. Your blog is always sporting some fabulous content, there's no need to feel guilty! O_O 15 reviews. Good luck with that!

      Well hopefully we'll both make it through unscathed and then we can turn to our huge stacks of books :)

  4. Seriously I thought I wam the only one with that problem. Between school and summer activities I barely have time to read and that gets on my nervs.. I just try to squeeze it in my program ..I ended up reading in classes when a book was realllly good.. These days are rainy in my country so I have free time and I might catch up on my reading..

    1. Definitely not! I'm sure everyone has this problem but it does suck when it happens :( I hope you can find LOTS of time! <3

    2. You too darling ... you too ! :D

  5. "Well. I've decided that reading is just not for me and I'll never pick up another book again."

    SONIA, YOU JUST GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK! I was fully prepared to jump onto my email account and write you a ten-paged essay on how that would be a horrible idea but I would still love and support you now matter what (even though that would be a HORRIBLE horrible idea, because what other awesome Canadian girl am I going to gush with??), so I kind of had a "THANK GOODNESS" moment that you were kidding LOL! x) *wipes sweat off forehead*

    I don't think I could ever stop reading completely -- I love it too much! But I completely understand what you're saying because school and being involved is so important to me too, and with June exams and summmatives and all the cramming I need to do, it IS so hard to find the time to read and blog! (You know, besides cutting down to five hours of sleep like me haha... <3)

    I read in odd places too! I finished The Goddess Test in a four-hour car ride to the cottage one day; another time, I started reading Twilight at the beach before my family dragged me in the water LOL! I can just see you walking down the halls with a book in hand, crashing into some really hot guy and dropping your book, then reaching for it at the exact same time he does so your hands just touch... You'll invite me to your wedding and I'll give this huge toast with so many book references that everyone will be like "What the heck?" but I'll just beam at them and...

    *sighs dreamily* That's the fantasy love story I created for you. IT WILL HAPPEN. Do you like it? :')

    Can't wait to read more of your reading experiences, Sonia! I hope the smarticles that is you will be able to find the time to finish CoLS and Insurgent soon! :) <3

    1. Um... you just killed me (IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY) with that fantasy love story. *joins in your sighing* I e-mailed you actually LOL.

      Haha, if I knew that writing that out would get these kinds of reactions, I'd have done it a lot sooner! :D Just kidding?

      You and Lisa *shakes head* I value my sleep waaaaay too much (I like cling to my pillow, it's pathetic) but I admire that dedication!

      Good luck with all of your school stuff! Summer is almost HEREEE!

  6. OMFG WHAT?! *reads past gif* YOU GAVE ME BOOKARTTACK (book heart attack... the Australian nerd version of Mimi's Canadian heart attack. okay. shutting up).

    The fact that you use the time spent walking to classes as an opportunity to read supports the fact why the entire freaking blogosophere LOVES YOU. Oh I'm bad at the eating and reading thing. 90% time I ALWAYS manage to smudge something at the very last minute when I'm all triumphant at having scoffed my face without getting a mark on my book. And then... *turns page* SHIT WHAT WAS THAT ON MY THUMB? NOOOO.

    Anyway, you SO do not need to explain yourself. As painful as it is to admit, school is much more important than books. And we'll all be here waiting (sitting with our stalker-tracker noses pressed to the screen trying to sniff you out) for whenever you are able to post. However often you can get it, you'll always have an eager readership :)

    Study hard, eat some brains (thus making your own brain power bigger and more explosive) and GOOD LUCK!!! We're cheering for you :D

  7. I was like, Aaaaaaarghh noo as well, before I read past the GIF! I'm relatively new to reading your blog but I love it to bits and I hope you never ever quit!! I totally get what you mean. Finding time to read in between other things is hard but it still happens because it's READING. What would we do without books? <3 It is so adorable that you read in the hallways on your way to class! I cannot read in college. My friends pester me till I stop reading and talk, or whatever. And my grades and activities are important to me too especially since in a month, I'll be entering my final year of college so there's only finding time in between all that craziness!

    Hang in there, Sonia! My summer break is now. I was struggling with exams last month when I could practically imagine the next awesome month and it was torture but it went by so soon, thank god. An awesomely bookish summer awaits you xD Looking forward to your posts about the places where you read and don't worry about posting. Will be waiting for your reviews whenever you can get around to it! All the best for your exams :D

  8. THIS. Notice it is the 30th of May right now. Time is something I definitely wish I had more of. Stupid school gets in the way of everything! :P

    Also, if you actually gave up reading, I would cry. And a fairy would lose its wings. So yeah, don't ever do that :P.

  9. "Well. I've decided that reading is just not for me and I'll never pick up another book again."

    SOMETHING! I know you don't mean it, but the words HURT ME *sobs*
    Seriously, though.. I so get being busy, and it's fabulous you're taking an approach that is healthier FOR YOU.

    But those words... please make them go away...

  10. That GIF was too perfect!
    I also find it hard to find time to read. Between school(not to mention end of the year tests), dance, dance, and dance, and also cleaning my house for family to come, AND homework- I don't even look at the new books I got, which breaks my heart. I want to read, REALLY BAD, but when I'm finally not doing anything i'm sleeping :/ I cannot WAIT for school to end so I can pick up a book and read without anything getting in the way.