Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Waiting on Wednesday (52)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine so that (this is me paraphrasing) we can all FREAK OUT TOGETHER about some rocking upcoming books. Warning: extreme fangirling may occur.

Transparent by Natalie Whipple

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Publisher: HarperTeen
Format: Paperback, 352 pages
Release Date: May 21, 2013

X-Men meets The Godfather; in which an invisible girl has to stop her dad—an infamous crime lord—from ruining her life.

On the run from her mind-controlling father, the infamously invisible Fiona McClean hides in a small town, hoping to finally rid herself of the crime world she has always known. But playing at “normal life” with a mother she hates, a brother she can’t trust, and a boy she can’t stand proves more difficult than she ever imagined. Soon her father is hot on her heels, and it’s up to Fiona to protect not only her family, but the friends who’ve taught her that life doesn’t have to be as lonely and cruel as she thought.

I've kind of been dying to read about invisible people lately (that happens to you too, right?) and what better choice than Transparent! ...Too bad I'll be waiting a while for it. Ah well. I'm just so happy that it's going to be published! Natalie seems like the coolest person just from what I've read from her online and obviously I'm thrilled for anyone that manages to make their dreams a reality, publishing-related or otherwise! And if the invisibility thing doesn't sell you... X-Men + The Godfather? Awesome.


  1. This one seriously sounds so awesome! And that cover--dropdeadgorgeous. Can I haz now? ;) Great pick!

  2. OK... seriously? I've never heard of this before but is sounds AMAZING.

    *sneaks up behind you*
    *screams in your ear*

    Invisibility would be SUCH a cool power. I'd spy on hot Canadian boys making waves in canoes <3

    I have been so excited for this ever since the book deal was announced, because I'm 99% sure Natalie and Kiersten White are super close writerly friends and since Kiersten is so awesome, obviously everyone she knows is too? Add to that INFAMOUS CRIME LORDS and Brodie is HOOKED!!

  4. I'm totally persuaded to read this book by the mentioning of X-MEN. Being invisible could be handy now and then :D I always wanted to spy on teachers during my evaluation, just to see what they talk about :p


  5. This sounds just fantastic! The invisibility thing is what's attracting me the most - I don't think I've read a book based on something like that before. And of course, X-men meets Godfather makes it all the more appealing! :) Great pick!

  6. I wanted this book as soon as I heard the book announcement. Can't wait to read it!

  7. This sounds so interesting, and what an amazing cover! Added to review list!