Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Top Ten Favourite Secondary Characters

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's topic is Top Ten Favourite Secondary Characters and such a hard one! I've tried to narrow it down and pick my actual favourites but the truth is, while I LOVE a lot of characters while reading the book, secondary characters don't always stick with me. I guess that's how you pick the favourites though, right? The ones that actually stick with you?
Neville Longbottom
Every book could use a Neville Longbottom! Neville is the BEST. The way that he turns from a clumsy, awkward boy to a confident and capable wizard is a beautiful transformation and even better because... it's Neville! He's sweet and dedicated and loyal and my heart twisted for him every time someone tried to mess with him.
Magnus Bane
I love Magnus! He's flamboyant, charming and sparkly -- a winning combination. I love how open and sincere Magnus is as a character. After living for who knows how long, he is understandably jaded and hardened by some of the things he's experienced, but he never lets that get in the way of his cheerful nature.
Finnick Odair
FINNICK <3 I love that Finnick is so much more than you initially see him as. Sidenote: I can't WAIT to see Finnick in Catching Fire. Every time I see a picture or part of the trailer with him in it, I get all excited and bouncy.
Nikolai from Siege and Storm is the best addition to the series ever! He has some hilarious, witty lines and a magnetic, winning personality. I loved that his words and actions were so well thought-out and that he genuinely cared about his work. Fingers crossed that there's more Nikolai to come in Ruin and Rising!
Asha from Speechless by Hannah Harrington is the best friend you could ask for. She's such a fun, friendly character and definitely one of the most genuinely kind, accepting people I've read about. Just remember: the square root of awesome is Asha! <3
Lola's dads
Lola's dads are so real! They're the perfect blend of protective and caring. They were really invested in Lola's well-being but also in her happiness. Also, they have a pie business and make fun of Lola almost as much as my parents make fun of me. I am in full support of this family!
Adrian Ivashkov
I don't know if Adrian counts as a secondary character, even in the Vampire Academy series but I figured that if I had an excuse to gush over Mr. Ivashkov, I should take it! Adrian, Adrian, Adrian. Adrian is hilarious and charming but more than that, he's kind and considerate and loving. Also, gorgeous. It's hard to forget how amazing of a character Adrian is. He was a favourite of mine from when we were first introduced to him in Frostbite and he's been on that list ever since!
Sir Nealan of Queenscove
If Adrian doesn't count as a secondary character, I'm pretty sure Neal from the Protector of the Small quartet doesn't either but... oh well. Neal is such a great character and friend to Kel! He's there for her when she needs him, he always has his head stuck in a book and he has the most dry sense of humour. I miss reading about him!
Grim! I love this cat, he is the greatest. I love that he was actually REALLY NECESSARY as a secondary character for the main characters to achieve their goals. He's got so much sass but also so much wisdom. As he continually reminds us... he's a cat!
Luna Lovegood
I will defend Luna ANY DAY. She's such a strong, independent character and I adore the fact that she is never ever ever afraid to be herself or stand up for what she thinks is right.
Well, there's my top ten! What's yours? 


  1. Neville and Luna are such great Potter picks! I love Luna so much!

    As for Magnus Bane - that cracked me up. I started reading the description and said, "Why do I know this name?"
    I am on page 200 of CITY OF BONES! I just read this name last night!! Needless to say, I did not read your entire of description of him the second I realized it!!

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  3. I agree with you on almost all of these (and the ones I don't agree with are only because I have yet to read the books!). Luna Lovegood is one of my favourites of all time, she is just awesome. And I loved watching Neville grow throughout the series too. Magnus is actually probably my favourite character of the TMI books! And Finnick...words don't really need to be said for Finnick :P. Great post!