Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Cover Correction (3)

Cover Correction is a semi-regular feature I do over on the blog to spotlight some recent (or maybe even old) cover changes to series. Some changes I hate and some changes I love, so I love to be able to talk about some of these!

Fury by Elizabeth Miles

Fury (The Fury Trilogy, #1)Fury (The Fury Trilogy #1)

Okay, so I know that the original cover had almost everyone freaking out with how pretty it was (or at least that's how I remember it!) but I was never too huge a fan. The hair is beautiful and everything but... that posture. I can't get over the slouching, it is seriously distracting to me every time I look at the cover! I like the expression on the girl's face for the new cover... it screams 'revenge' to me. Although I will say that I prefer the old tagline: "Sometimes sorry isn't enough."

Preferred: New


The Catastrophic History of You & Me by Jess Rothenberg

The Catastrophic History of You & MeThe Catastrophic History of You and MeThe Catastrophic History of You and Me

Whew! Three covers and in all honesty, none that I really dislike. The first (pre-pub) was definitely eye-catching and very unique. I was a little sad that they changed it to the second (hardcover) but not really because it's so pretty! I love the way that they've edited Brie's body to really make it seem like she's dead. The new paperback isn't something that I would normally go for but it really reminds me of Patrick! I like the classic look to it. This one's a tough one but there's a definite winner for me.

Preferred: Hardcover (middle)


Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood

Born Wicked (The Cahill Witch Chronicles, #1)Born Wicked (The Cahill Witch Chronicles, #1)

*sniff* I KNEW this would happen to me! Born Wicked has what I think is one of the prettiest covers EVER and the thought that the rest of the series will be different is kind of sad. BUT, in all fairness, the paperback is pretty great as well. It totally gives off that witch vibe whereas the original doesn't really tell you much. But... still! Look at that gorgeous, stunning, perfect first one <3 Ah well. The publisher knows best :) I hope that the paperback gets tons more people to check out the series because it is fabulous!

Preferred: Original

Thoughts? I want to hear them! Leave a comment and let me know what you think about these cover changes.


  1. I never did get the excitement over the original cover for Fury. I does nothing for me and I actually prefer the newest one though I agree with you, I like the old tagline.

    Sometimes sorry isn't enough is so much better than Revenge is sweet (The latter is just so boring and average. It's such a common, overused tagline. We already know revenge is sweet, nothing new there!

    Catastrophic has a new cover! Woah! Exciting stuff but...I kinda find it average and for me, Catastrophic is not average. I'm with you, go hardcover, go!

    AGREED. The original cover for Born Wicked is amazing! So much beauty! It's regal and elegant and striking and I LOVE it. The paperback is pretty and I love the witchy vibe it's giving off, not to mention the the lit up moon, the lavender sunset, the crows. Seriously, what's not to love...but for me, the original cover has nothing on the paperback.

    Hold up. Wait. What! They won't be continuing with the original cover? Whaaaaat! I knew they were doing a paperback version but I still thought they'd continue with the orignal version as well. Aw, how sad! :(

    Thanks for sharing, Sonia! ♥

    1. Re: the tagline... that's exactly it! They changed it to something so generic and boring.

      YES! I was actually pretty surprised to see it since they already changed it pre-pub but there you are! I like that there'll still be both options for everyone :)

      *happy sigh* Born Wicked... that book is so unbelievably gorgeous. I don't even know what it is about it that gets to me so much. Still though, it's time for the paperback to shine! I really do love it too... just not as much as the original.

      Thank YOU, Rebecca!

  2. I wasn't a HUGE fan of Fury either, but the sequel is much better thankfully. As for the cover I prefer the original one. It looks different compared to other YA covers. They seem to ALL have cover models . . . which doesn't really do anything for me lately. Still it's pretty.

    Catastrophic was one of my favourite books so I pretty much love ALL of the covers for this title. The new cover in particular would probably be my favourite now, though I still love the second one too.

    Born Wicked was again another fav book of mine. I loved the original cover because I felt it got the vibe of the book right but . . . I have to say I'm digging the new cover. It's SO pretty! The colours and all! It would really catch my eye in the stores if I saw it.

    1. As in the actual books themselves? I haven't read either but I'm glad you thought the second was better! I've heard a lot of negativity surrounding the first :( Well, that's definitely true. The new is pretty generic.

      ALLLL of the covers are so pretty! I love that they were able to go in totally different directions and still make it work.

      The new BW cover kind of feels like a UK/Aus cover to me :P I don't know if that even makes any sense but it has the colour scheme and style of some of them... I think? I don't know.

  3. I haven't read any of these, but I still have strong opinions on these covers. I like the new one for Fury - although I think it's strange that the cover-models look so different, and it reminds me of the original Nightshade covers, and I seem to have just talked myself into changing my mind. The first one is best!
    I like the middle one of Catastophic History - I don't like having the cover-model all chopped into pieces, and the newest one looks too much YA contemporary/romance for my liking. In my opinion.
    I get the appeal of the original Born Wicked cover, but I LOVE that new cover. Totally getting the witch vibe, like you said - and it's just slightly creepy while still being pick-me-up-you-need-me-beautiful

    1. Haha oh boy... the Nightshade covers. Now THAT was a devastating change (at least for me!). I'm curious as to what the cover for Envy would have looked like following the original trend.

      Yay, I'm glad you love the new BW cover so much! :) You haaaaave to read these books! (Well, I can't speak for Fury... but the other two!)

  4. I completely agree with all your choices here, especially for Fury! I have always hated the first cover to be honest. It's the crazy long hair turning into flames/smoke thing that put me off. :P

    1. Maybe I completely imagined the love for the first Fury cover O_O LOL. It's definitely an intense cover! Bonus points for being unique, I guess :P

  5. I loved the original Born Wicked cover. I think it's one of my fave books. Ever. I didn't like the original cover to The Catastrophic HIstory. I actually like the third, and I love the original cover of Fury too. The new cover doesn't seem that furious.

    1. I guess for Fury, I interpreted it as more of a calm and calculating type of revenge (maybe that's my style? LOL). I haven't read the book though so I could be completely off base with that. Glad you like the new cover for Catastrophic best! :)

  6. I love the original Born Wicked cover so much, but the second one is pretty too.

    The new Catastrophic History of You and Me cover is pretty great. It does totally remind me of Patrick so it works. I happen to prefer the hardcover as well.

    Lastly, the Fury covers...I am partial to the new ones actually.

    1. I think the original Born Wicked will always be my favourite but I'm thrilled that they at least changed it to something else that's super pretty! :)

      I kind of like that with Catastrophic, it's just a stand-alone so it doesn't mean that the whole series look will change... it's just another cover. They're both awesome!

  7. I don't like the Fury covers :p but if I have to choose, I like the older one more because I don't like face-covers.
    I like the second Catastrophic. The new one is too.. normal and standard in my taste. And I like both covers from Born wicked, but the older one is my favorite :)

  8. I am so with you on the cover of 'Fury'. The hair's amazing, but... me. But... I LIKE the new cover, but it seems so... generic? I don't know.

    With Catastrophic History, I'm so SO sad they didn't go with the first one. The cover was SO perfect, from the dress -- which is EXACTLY what Brie was described as wearing in the book -- to the expression on her face and I LOVED it.

    I get the relevance of the new one, but it doesn't fit the book, I think?

    And Born Wicked? I love both, but the first one the most :D