Thursday, 5 July 2012

Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink by Stephanie Kate Strohm

Pilgrims Don't Wear PinkPilgrims Don't Wear Pink by Stephanie Kate Strohm

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Source: Publisher for review (ARC)
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Format: Paperback, 204 pages
Release Date: May 8, 2012

A story of crushes, corsets, and conspiracy
Libby Kelting had always felt herself born out of time. No wonder the historical romance-reading, Jane Austen-adaptation-watching, all-around history nerd jumped at the chance to intern at Camden Harbor, Maine’s Oldest Living History Museum. But at Camden Harbor Libby’s just plain out of place, no matter how cute she looks in a corset. Her cat-loving coworker wants her dead, the too-smart-for-his-own-good local reporter keeps pushing her buttons, her gorgeous sailor may be more shipwreck than dreamboat — plus Camden Harbor’s haunted. Over the course of one unforgettable summer, Libby learns that boys, like ghosts, aren’t always what they seem.

On the lookout for that fun and breezy summer read? Look no further than Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink.... Almost guaranteed to make you smile.

Libby was a super fun protagonist. She's a total history nerd, has a love for fashion and has quite a few sassy lines that will make you laugh. While I thought that Libby was heaps of fun, I did have my moments of annoyance with her. There was one big thing in particular that I thought Libby was so incredibly naive about. I understand where she was coming from but it just seemed like a very, very, very obvious mistake in my mind. That said, I think Libby's positive attitude and friendly character outweighed the negatives in her behaviour.

Libby's hilarious best friend, Dev, was definitely my favourite character in the novel. I laughed at every encounter with him and I really do think that he proved to be an amazing friend for Libby. Garrett, the local reporter, was great with his nerdy tendencies and quick comebacks.

The romance is fairly believable and makes for a read that is very easy to get through. I loved all of the historical details that are sprinkled throughout the novel -- Libby really knows her stuff! -- and I think of anything, that's what I would want to learn more of. Libby's group of camp girls were absolutely adorable and I loved every minute spent with them!

Fun, quirky and fast-paced, Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink is the perfect summer read!

Cover Comments: It's so cute! It also matches the story quite well, which is always great.



  1. Oh my goodness, I <3 DEV TOO! Wasn't he absolutely AMAZING? I've always wanted to have a best friend like him, but I'm starting to think that his type of awesome is extinct LOL :') But the camp girls, Libby's sass with Cam near the end, and even her strange ex-roommate that was really mean... They all definitely added up to total fun!

    And I get what you mean about Libby exactly! She was so hilarious and sweet and totally cute, although she did have a bit of misjudgment. But that was mostly because I was rooting for her and Garrett from the beginning haha x)

    WONDERFUL REVIEW, Sonia! I'm so happy you enjoyed it almost as much as I did! :) <3

  2. Haven't heard much about this but it sounds so fun! Definitely sounds like a great summer read, and I love the sound of Dev! Fab review, Sonia, I'll have to look into this one.

  3. I've been wanting to read this book and your review only makes me want to read it more!

  4. Well. If your first two sentences alone can induce a smile, then I really think I'll love this book.

    History nerd? Sassy? I'm liking Libby already, despite her naivity at times. Especially eager to meet Dev though, I'm a sucker for the guy who makes me laugh! This sounds like such a fun book and I NEED more of those lining my shelves. Canadians seem to be bleeding my bank account dry lately, because both you and Mimi have be totally wanting to check this book out! Fantastic review, Sonia! <3

  5. Libby sounds awesome. Yay for sassy history nerd xD And Dev sounds like so much fun! This sounds like such a fun book, Sophia. You had me at breezy summer read! Amazingtastic review as always :D

  6. This sounds SO. FUN. SONIA!
    Honestly, I would've bypassed this one based on the cover and name, but, uh... ADORKABLE!

    I'm kinda with Brodie, here: WHAT THE HELL IS WITH YOU CANDIANS O___O