Saturday, 28 July 2012

Show Off Your Inner TEAM SNAPE!

Hello, beautiful people! :)

As you Potter fans probably already know, the amazing, magnificent, wonderful, etc. etc. etc. Sarah and Lauren have been hosting Potterthon all month long! And although it's drawing to a close soon (*sniff*) there are still tons of posts for you to check out if you've missed them! So be sure to stop by their blogs and take a look.

Yesterday (or today, depending on your time zone, I guess) Sarah posted a Team James vs. Team Snape post argued by the evilly talented Brodie (she's Team James, ugh) and myself. I KNOW you all have a strong admiration for that heroic, brilliant man that fights to the end and never stops loving so now is the time to show it! :) Read the posts, vote for your favourite and feel free to leave a comment as well. ONWARD, TEAM SNAPE!


  1. Oh, I so loved the Potterthon, even if I was missing for a bigger part of it! Fantastic event. :D

    Lol, and I just saw both of your wonderful posts! You also make VERY good cases both of you. I love them bothhhhhhh. *Team Snames* But... the maraduers stole my heart first :'o

    Snape is totally winning though, so great job. ;) Heheh

  2. Checking out your post now! LOL that you're up against Brodie, I bet both your posts are awesome :P.

  3. Team Snape as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really liked both of yours arguments (just read the debate)

  4. *runs in with cloak and mask to hide identity*

    *starts spray-painting TEAM JAMES on your blog*

    PRONGS PRONGS PRONGS PRONGS! *throws invisibility cloak over twitter icon that says "Always"*

    SONIA. YOUR POST. WAS FLIPPING BRILLIANT. Which makes me not like you so much because it was supposed to be awful so I win by default :P

    Okay, we'll totally act like responsible adults and not turn our wands on one another and accept that both teams are- "IMPERIO!" *cackles* *makes you draw naughty Snape doodles in James' favour*

    ..... P.S I LOVE YOUUUU! <3

  5. Ahahaha! SONIA! ♥♥♥
    Seriously, no words for how wonderful your posts were, and after that, I actually feel bad about calling you Lestrange (WHICH WAS ALL BRODIE'S IDEA AND FAULT ANYWAY). So I am granting a temporary reprieve... and... *huggles*

  6. Hehe, your argument WAS very well done, but alas I am all about the Weasley Twins. And who helped the Twins on the way to greatness? The Marauders. Sorry dear.