Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Cover Revealed: The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

Earlier today, Julie Kagawa revealed the cover for her upcoming novel, The Iron Knight on her blog. Just in case you missed the reveal, here is the final cover!

The Iron Knight will be released October 25th by Harlequin.

WOAH. *sigh* Wow. *sigh* This is definitely a cover that induces 'wow's and sighs - I lovelovelove it! I love the blues that were used and the fonts and the swirls... it's all so pretty. I think this is my favourite cover for Julie's books yet - and that's saying quite a bit! Kudos to the art department over at Harlequin - keep doing what you're doing!


  1. I think it may be favourite cover so far too! And thanks for wishing me luck on my exams - I'll be needing it! :)

  2. Oh man. That is gorgeous.

  3. Oh, guys, I know. It's so pretty! You're welcome, Liz :) I know how you feel! Mine are getting frighteningly close and I've yet to start studying.