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Haven by Kristi Cook

Haven by Kristi Cook

Source: Simon & Schuster Pulse It Program
Publisher: Simon Pulse (Simon & Schuster)
ISBN: 978-1-4424-0760-2
Pages: 401


Violet doesn't understand why she feels drawn to the Winterhaven School. She just know it's the right place for her. When she discovers the school's secret, it all makes sense: Everyone at Winterhaven has psychic gifts. For the first time in her life Violet doesn't have to hide her visions. She's always seen them as a curse, but now she can hone her ability and try to control it.

But she's thrown completely off balance when she meets the most alluring - and most mysterious - boy in school. She's never connected with anyone the way she does with Aidan, and the intensity takes them both by surprise. But as their relationship deepens, she begins to have visions of Aidan's death - and sees that she's the one who's fated to kill him. 

Violet's never been able to prevent her visions from coming true. But this time she'll do whatever it takes... even if it means sacrificing herself for the boy she loves.

Haven had everything I was hoping for: an authentic cast of characters, a wonderful boarding school and just a light, fun storyline with touches of mystery.

I really loved the setting of this book. There was a wide cast of characters and I think it worked really well for the story to have it set in a boarding school away from parental influence. It just gives the characters a closer feel when they're all living in the same building.

The Winterhaven gang was fun to read about. Kristi Cook is able to make them sound like real teenagers and while it did get a little confusing in the beginning, I think the characters all had pretty distinct personalities that you can differentiate between in a group setting. Can I just say... You know that Aidan effect you were talking about, Kristi? Yeah, it can apparently be transmitted through text as well. Can I have an Aidan, please?

Even though I guessed a lot of the twists in the book early on, it didn't take away from the overall experience. There was definitely quite a mood shift from the beginning of the book to the end but it was done subtly. Haven is a book with a fun atmosphere that, for the most part, isn't too heavy but isn't all daisies and sunshine either. Anyone looking for a great story with a magical, boarding school adventure should definitely check this one out!

Cover Comments: I like the colour scheme of this cover. I think it matches the book really well and I suppose the books represent the boarding/high school experience. I have no idea what that butterfly is for (am I missing something?) but I do like butterflies - they're pretty! :)   

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