Sunday, 17 July 2011

Harry Potter Week Wrap-up

Aaaand that's the end of Harry Potter Week. I hope you guys had as much as fun as I did! Thank you so much to everyone that's been reading, commenting and sharing their own stories throughout the week.

Most of all, thanks to my amazingly talented co-hosts. THESE GIRLS! I had no idea when I signed up for Harry Potter week (thank you, by the way, for inviting me!) that I would be part of crazy Twitter conversations that I'm sure everyone else was completely confused with (love making in canoes - say what?) and just pure hilarity in the form of posts, comments and e-mails. I wanted to individually do a bit on each of these amazing girls, because I really have had the best time with them.

Brodie: Brodie is the person I've known for the shortest amount of time out of this fabulous group of bloggers. I already knew that she wrote amazing, insightful posts (her reviews... LOVE) before I actually started talking to her but I wasn't aware that she was such an amazing person! From the first e-mail she sent me, Brodie has been helpful, funny and considerate even if she is also completely delusional (sorry, Brodie, Cricket is mine). Brodie has been available whenever I've needed her and her advice is always well thought-out and creative. I would kill for a slice of that brain and that Aussie accent because, really, how can you not love Aussie accents?! I'm positive that I will continue reading Brodie's reviews no matter what because of how detailed and engaging they are. If Brodie loved a book and writes a gushing review for it, I get so excited - it's crazy. I'll automatically put it on hold at the library, too, because I trust her taste in books.
Honey: Honey and I have the same last name. We're both from the same area. We're both astoundingly cool (oh wait.. that's just her). Honey is my favourite Canadian blogger <3 She's amazingly sweet, hilarious and smart. Plus, her reviews have a no-nonsense format that are so helpful for when I want to know what to read next. Honey can always make me smile and acts more like superwoman than a highschooler. Seriously, I'll be struggling to get posts done while I have nothing but blogging to do and Honey will be posting while working all night. WHEN DOES SHE SLEEP?! (Answer: She doesn't.) If you couldn't already tell from her blog title - Sniff Books, Not Drugs - Honey is also fun and creative. I think I smiled for like ten minutes after discovering what her blog was called. Honey, I love talking about ANNA, LOLA and fictional boys with you. Harry Potter Week wouldn't have been the same without you (ANY of you!).
Liz: I'm actually kind of surprised that Liz still talks to me. I mean, I was sure that I would have completely creeped her out by now because when I first discovered her blog, I went a little crazy. Seriously, I think I commented on like 15 posts and then obsessively stalked her blog every day after that. Her blog tagline is the coolest thing ever - "Planet Print: Where Books Grow on Trees." Um, can I live on Planet Print with you, Liz?! Liz is possibly the most friendly blogger I've ever met. I think she's found a way to clone herself or something. Every single time I go to comment on someone's post, she's already been there. Liz, how can I be more like you? *stares expectantly* (Do you see what I meant by that stalker thing? LOL). Liz is yet another person that is seemingly always available when I need her. We had so many fantastic conversations on Twitter (along with Brodie and Honey, of course) and I'm so glad that I stumbled on her blog when I did.

You guys are the best! I can't think of better people to host this week with. If you ever want to borrow Cricket for a day or something, let me know. I'm sure we can set something up. (Except Brodie - stay away from my man, you vixen.)
Here is a master list of all the giveaways from this week:
Custom Wands - Brodie, Liz, Sonia (INT)
Hogwarts Acceptance Letter - Honey (INT)
Assorted Items Package - Sonia (US only)
Personalized Character Letter - Liz (US only)
 Harry Potter Should Have Died Book - Brodie (INT)
The Ultimate Harry Potter and Philosophy: Hogwarts for Muggles Liz (INT) 
Harry Potter Pop-up Book - Sonia (INT)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Sticker Book - Honey (INT)
Lego Keychains - Brodie (Harry), Liz (Dobby), Honey (Hagrid) (AUS only)
Hand-stamped Quote Cuff Bracelet - Sonia (INT)
Good luck to everyone! (Although, realistically speaking, doesn't me wishing everyone good luck kind of make it a moot point? Or maybe more giveaway prizes will materialize so that my good luck isn't void. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.)
Long live Harry Potter: The Boy Who Lived! 


  1. YOU'RE MAKING ME BLUSH!!!! *cheeks explode from overheating* I think you exaggerated on mine. A lot. (especially the delusional part about Cricket).

    Ha! When I first got an email from you and saw your last name I sat there for a moment thinking "OMG they're the _____ twins!" you know, with who your last name relates to. And from then on I always thought of you and Honey as that LOL.

    LOL! SO I'm not the only one who thinks that about Liz! I go to comment on a blog AND THERE SHE IS! EVERY TIME! I don't quite think she's human, seriously.

    Sonia, you're seriously TOO EFFING SWEET <3 <3 <3 And I'm so glad I got to know you more thanks to this HP week. I shall never cease stalking you three from now on. I wish I had wrote much more about you girls now because you so deserve it, given that you stole the best personalities on the planet and shoved them in your bodies.

    *cries* Actually, I take back what I said, YOU SUCK! GIVE ME CRICKET!!!

  2. LOL. I think you've discovered my secret...I'm a blog stalker too! :P. AND YOU ARE JUST TOO AMAZING <3 <3. You can totally live on Planet Print with me - all I ask is that you bring Cricket with you...:D This week has been so awesome with everyone! I predict there will be many more crazy Twitter conversations in the future...