Wednesday, 13 July 2011

In Memoriam

A lot of people lose their lives in the Harry Potter series in the fight against evil. I thought now would be the perfect time to honour those that died because they will never be forgotten. Grab your tissues, folks - this is a pretty hefty list.

Sirius Black: The Most Handsome Marauder (I'm Sirius).

I might have cried the most for this death.

It was awful for Sirius to die (to be freaking taken down by Bellatrix, no less) because Harry needed him to be there. It seems like every time Harry finally has someone there for him, something tangible to fill the gaping hole his parents have left, they vanish and leave him all alone.

You could argue that Sirius was a lot of negative things but isn't the only important thing at the end of the day that he cared about Harry so much? This man risked everything for his best friend's son. He escaped wizarding prison and lived off rats for crying out loud! He was the first one to buy Harry a broom, and a mixture of father and brother to Harry, as Dumbledore correctly stated.

Sirius, in your honour: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

Colin Creevey: That Stalker Kid

Let's admit it: we all wanted to strangle Colin in Book 2. The way he relentlessly followed Harry around with a camera and never-ending stream of questions was endearing at first, sweet even, but quickly became maddening. Colin had no filter and certainly didn't make his obsession with Harry a secret.

Let's also admit it: we all hated hated hated it when Colin died because, yeah, sometimes he was annoying but he was also brave, kind, helpful and too young to die. He shouldn't have even been there, he was too young to fight. Colin stayed back and lost his life fighting the war against Voldemort.

Rest in peace, Colin Creevey: a true Gryffindor.
Cedric Diggory: The Real Deal Hufflepuff

Everyone loved Cedric, and for good reason, too. He was handsome, smart, daring, and kind. He did the right thing even when he didn't have to and played a hell of a game of Quidditch (I even almost forgive him for beating Harry).

Your death was the worst kind of death, the kind that can be avoided and that doesn't need to happen. Cedric was just there. He got in Voldemort's way who saw no other solution but to murder him.

Cedric, thank you for being an example of just how amazing a Hufflepuff can be.


Dobby: A Free Elf

This was the death that affected me the most. I regret every single second that I thought Dobby was a crazy, up-to-no-good house elf out to ruin Harry's life. I came to love Dobby more than almost anyone in the series because of his quirky, unique self. Dobby was brave and loyal, protective and helpful.

The thing that made Dobby's death so much worse was that in the second book, Harry told him to never save his life again.

But he did, oh of course he did. Harry was Dobby's world and he would have done anything for him. Dobby died saving Harry's life and he will always, always be remembered as a free elf and a true friend.

Good-bye, Dobby.
Albus Dumbledore: Even the Slytherins admit - he's got style.

Albus Dumbledore was many things to the wizarding world: a powerful wizard, a brilliant headmaster, an exceptional person, slightly mad, and so much more. Dumbledore was always available to help those in need and was particularly important as a symbol of love and compassion, instrumental in the fight against evil and namely, Voldemort.

From day one, Dumbledore made it a personal mission to help Harry in any way he could. He acted as a friend, mentor and father-figure and sacrificed a lot in his own life for the betterment of the world.

I'll miss you, Dumbledore. Your death was a shock and I know I can't be the only one that had considered you invincible. Even after your death, I enthusiastically supported the theories that said you weren't really dead even though I knew that you most likely were. While you had your faults, the good you did overshadows any of that.

Nitwit, blubber, oddment, tweak.
Hedwig: Best Owl to Fly the Skies

Hedwig was the ideal pet: she was beautiful, wickedly intelligent and always there for Harry. A constant companion to Harry in some of the darkest, most desolate parts of his life, Hedwig provided comfort and familiarity. She was a link to the magical world and often reassured Harry with a soft hoot and peck on the shoulder.

Hedwig, wherever you are now, I hope there are some mighty fine mice for you to chew on. Thank you for being such a wonderful companion and friend.
Remus and Nymphadora (née Tonks) Lupin

I just had to do these two together.
Right off the bat, Lupin was a favourite of mine (not only because of his chocolate obsession... well... maybe a little). I am convinced he wasn't sleeping on that train but else could you expect from a Marauder? Lupin had good reason to grow up to be cynical and bitter but instead moved on with his life as best as he could. He was the most reasonable Marauder but also knew how to have fun. Lupin was my favourite werewolf and maybe even my favourite professor.

Tonks was just so much fun. She was as clumsy as I am but friendly and hilarious. I wish we could have seen more from her but I know that I really loved the bits we did get to see. I love that Tonks listened to her heart and didn't buy the ridiculous "I'm too old, poor and dangerous" spiel from Lupin.
I hate that Tonks and Lupin had to die with their son so young. At least we know that Teddy is in good hands.
Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody (The Real One)
I have to admit, I didn't see this death coming at all. Moody was always there, always present. He was a tough war veteran, hardened and grizzled but always fighting for what was right. He didn't take chances when it came to safety and he was slow to trust. When you were in his good graces though, he would do whatever it took to secure your safety.

I was sorry to see Mad-Eye go but I can't say that I wasn't happy with the way he went out. Going out fighting Voldemort was the perfect way for Jo to end Mad-Eye's life.

Severus Snape: The Bravest Man He Ever Knew

I don't know how I feel about Snape.

He obviously did a lot for Harry and his hugely responsible for him surviving at all but I can't forget the years of unnecessary cruelty Harry (or any non-Slytherin student, for that matter) experienced in his classroom. No matter what you think of him though, you can't deny that Snape was cunning and courageous. No matter what I think of him as a person, I can't deny that his story was terrible and that the amount of love and devotion he had towards Lily Evans was beautiful. 

He didn't deserve to die the way he did either - no one deserves that. It was slow, painful and horrible but if nothing else, it gave Harry the chance to receive Snape's memories and Snape the chance to die looking into Lily Evans' eyes.

For Severus Snape, another man that died fighting against Voldemort.

Fred Weasley: Brother, Prankster, Missed
J.K. Rowling, HOW COULD YOU?
Fred's death hit me like a ton of bricks. It couldn't be real. Fred couldn't be dead... could he? He was always there - the more reckless twin that stood up for what he believed in and didn't let anything keep him down. He was more than comedic relief throughout the series - he filled people with a sense of hope when nothing seemed to be going right.
I can't bring myself to feel the most sorry for Fred, though. I feel sorry for George who is now forced to live out the rest of his days without his other half. I can't imagine how he felt - like a part of his soul was ripped from his body? How do you recover from something like that? I'm confident he will though. Fred and George are made from tough stuff.
I'll miss you, Fred. Thank you for always making me smile.

*Sniff* I'm not crying. I'm not. OH, WHO AM I KIDDING? (Answer: No one.) I loved all of these characters so much and everytime one of them died was like a shard of ice to my heart.
Goodbye, we'll miss you.

I'd love if any of you would like to share who you think deserves to be remembered the most or whose death affected you the most. I'm having a great time reading which character's death made you cry the most (or the most sad) from the giveaway yesterday.
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  1. :[ So sad! I hated to see all of them go. None of them really deserved it.

  2. I'M NOT CRYING! I'm just.... I'm just leaking memories out of my eyes! It's for my pensieve project. Shut up, Sonia *sobs*

    So much sadness in the one post. I supported the Dumbledore-is-really-alive theories too. Like he was an animagus and the phoenix who flew from his tomb was really him. Or that Snape was on the good side and thus didn't mean that curse, you have to mean an Unforgiveable to make it work! Sigh.

    Dobby's was the absolute worst for me. Ruined me in so many ways. And so help me, I read your Tonks/Remus parts and all I can picture is their dead bodies from the movie today. THIS IS AN EMOTIONAL DAY!!! Brilliant post!

  3. Waah! If this post makes me tear up like this I dread to think what the movie is going to do to me. Dobby was definitely one of the saddest ones for me - and the fact Harry told him never to save his life again made it even sadder! And Fred! WHY FRED?! :'(

  4. You're definitely right -- Dumbledore and Mad-Eye always seemed so...permanent. Especially Dumbledore -- it threw me when he died. And as for the they're-really-alive conspiracies, I always tried to insist Sirius was still alive. That the veil he fell through was really just a portal or something.'s funny, I hated his guts the whole way through. And then I saw his memories, his past, and somehow he was one of my favorites. He was awful to Harry, true, and that was completely wrong -- but I don't know that I'd do any better if I were in his place. I still think that's the most amazing chapter Rowling ever wrote -- which is really saying something. Amazing post; thanks for the rundown!

  5. Of all the deaths, I cried for Dobby, Hedwig (especially the way it was done in the movie) and Fred. These were the most shocking for me. Although I will admit I was totally in Camp I'm Sure Dumbledore Isn't Really Dead for a long time.

    I always found Snape to be the most complex character of the entire series. I had completely forgotten that he passes on in the final book until I read this. I should have re-read that book. Hmm. ;)

  6. Oh, wow, thanks for making me cry in front of the computer at 2 AM :((( All of those deserve to be remembered, but I think I cried the most when Fred died. I mean, by that time Rowling had killed off half the characters and I guess this topped it all. I had to put down the book for a while. :/

  7. Alissa: I know! I mean, I know it's a war and that people have to die but.. aghh! I didn't want any of them to go :(


    Brodie: Like I'm judging you? I was so overwhelmingly sad writing this post. Someone told me because he fell backwards, it meant he wasn't really dead and I was like, "yeah, that's it! See, he can't be dead!" Aw, I'm going to cry like a baby in the movie.

    Liz: I think I'm going to bring a box of tissues... just in case ;)

    Jenna: I totally agree. Snape was one of the most fascinating characters, I love the way JKR developped him.

    Cat: You SHOULD reread ;) Not that I'm adding to your reading pile.. *guilty look*

    Mimz: YOU'RE WELCOME! :D

    Haha, sorry... I had to put away the book so many times because my eyes were so blurry I couldn't even read. Fred was one of the worst :( I don't know how I'll sit through that in the theatre.

  8. you're going to make me cry!!! :(