Monday, 25 July 2011

Reminder: Voting Open!

Hey, everyone! This is just a post to remind you that voting has opened for YA Bachelor month. You can head over to Amber's blog, Down the Rabbit Hole, here to vote in a number of different categories.

Oh, and if um, you wanted to vote for Ky from Matched (I hosted him) you are totally welcome to do so ;) You will have my undying gratitude! Of course, I'm happy if you vote for anyone :) Clearly though, I'm not above begging for you to vote for Ky.

KY! KY! KY! KY! KY! KY! KY! KY! KY! KY! Ahem. Okay, done now. 


  1. Aashjdgfdsfjdk!!!! How am I supposed to vote for Ky when there's Four and Alex and Peeta and Dimka and ST CLAIR and Jay and Sam and DUDE! Are you guys trying to kill me? Who the hell do I vote for? *sobs*

    Why is Dimitri both in the best bad boy and sweetest nice guy category? LOL.

  2. Okay, just put my votes in (totally voted you for the Change My Mind one! Good luck!). But what the hell? I smell a conspiracy! Jace is winning for pratically everything! Noooo! Bloody Shadowhunter *grumbles*

  3. YES. That was the goal of this entire event. To BREAK YOU, Brodie. LOL, I know though. Amazing, amazing guys up there. *stares hungrily at screen*

    LOL, in his post, the host said he was both. True, I guess.

    YAY! :D Thank you. I KNOW! Jace has way too many supporters out there ;) Plus, I think Cassie Clare does a lot of promoting for stuff like this so her army is AWARE that Jace is fighting.