Sunday, 10 July 2011

Introduction to Harry Potter Week

Name: Sonia of The Story Queen
Occupation: Blogger
Active Since: March 2011
Monitored since: June 2011
Last spotting: The Hog’s Head with Sybill Trelawney, Brodie of Eleusinian Mysteries, Liz of Planet Print, and Honey of Sniff Books, Not Drugs. 

Blood Staus: Half-blood
Family: Pure blood mother, muggle father, and half-blood sister (verified by Dolores Umbridge)
Security Status: TRACKED. Family and house are under strict surveillance. All movements are being monitored. Blog is also being monitored for pro-Muggle propaganda.

NOTES: The Story Queen will be under intense surveillance for 2 weeks due to an anonymous tip of alleged illegal pro-Muggle and pro-Harry Potter activity.
*Heaves large sigh* Yes, that's right. I've been identified as a Muggle-supporter and am consequently being watched day and night by murderous monsters Ministry of Magic employees. Honey, a close personal friend of Arthur Weasley, managed to send an owl my way with this information.

So much for being careful though! I can't believe that nasty toad managed to track us to The Hog's Head. It was such a waste of time anyways - Trelawney spewed her usual nonsense and we learned nothing of importance. Ah well, she was good for a laugh, at least. Do you want to know what she actually said?

Trelawney: My dear, when were you born? Am I correct in assuming it was under the summer heat?

Sonia: It was, er, a snow storm in December actually. Close though!

Trelawney: (horrified gasp) I am afraid... I am afraid that a most terrible fate awaits you!

Sonia: Is that so? What will it be for me then, Trelawney? Let me guess - I'll be strangled by a hippogriff? Fall into a pit of burning lava? Fall in love with Snape? Fall in love with Bellatrix?

Trelawney: Unfortunately, it is far more grave than that. You will... you will...

Sonia: I will what?!

You see, this is where it started to get weird (er, weirder than it already was, that is). Trelawney sort of froze up and her eyes went huge. I thought she was being possessed! Her voice got harder, rougher and she spoke urgently and far more self-assured than normal.

Trelawney: They come... they come! They will discover your plot and invade as you begin to reach success. You must protect your followers! You must save yourselves!

Through her entire monologue of absurb codswallop, Brodie, Liz and I sort of backed away from the table nervously, unsure of whether to laugh or run. Honey was the nice one - she went to Trelawney to see if she was alright but before we knew it, she was back to her normal, only moderately loony self. We left the bar soon after, laughing together at what we'd just wasted our time on. 

Crazy, right?

So, that's that! Over the next week, join Brodie of Eleusinian Mysteries, Honey of Sniff Books, Not Drugs, Liz of Planet Print and I as we celebrate the end of an era with posts that will allow you to laugh, gasp, cry and maybe even win a thing or two. I hope to see you back again!

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  1. "Only moderately loony self" Moderately? You are far too kind, Sonia! What a waste of a day. As if this week will be anything but fun! I'm co-hosting with the most kickass witches in all of Hogwarts! <3

  2. Waaaait... it posted at 10? I set it for 7! Ugh, Blogger. THANKS A LOT.

    Oh Brodie, I love you <3

  3. LOL, love this introduction post! I guess I'd better watch my back since I'm one of your followers... ;)

  4. CAN'T WAIT! Great idea and great post. :]

  5. I was scared - I didn't know where to look when she started saying weird stuff about the Ministry. No wonder no-one likes to be around Trelawney - that woman's a crackpot!

  6. bhahahha! This is a great idea and it looks like a ton of fun :)

    ♥ Trish
    Just a YA Girl

  7. Danya: Oh please. You're actually listening to that barrel of crazy? Pshhh. There's nothing to worry about!

    Alissa: Thanks! I am so excited for the remainder of the posts :D

    Liz: Ugh, I know. When she froze? All I could think was, "how the heck are we going to leave?!"

    Trish: Thanks! :) It certainly has been fun so far.