Sunday, 15 May 2011

My Library Is Better Than Yours*

*Okay, not really. I'm sure your libraries are absolutely, positively wonderful. Anyways!

I love libraries.

You've probably seen the 'source' section of my reviews. Most of the time, the books that I read and review are from the library. I don't buy that many books and it's great to have a resource that allows me to read so many for free.
Yesterday, my mom, sister and I went out shopping and when asked where we wanted to go, I immediately responded with the library. My mom rolled her eyes and guessed that I would probably live there if I had the chance - I would.

When I got to the library yesterday, I headed over to the holds rack and started piling my books into my giant bag (my books totally have their own shelf they dominate, by the way). After I had loaded all thirteen into the bag (they were dangerously close to toppling out) I walked to the self check-out counter. I opened my wallet, and... NO LIBRARY CARD. I'd forgotten it at home. I went to the librarian desperately, prepared to ask if I could just rattle off my barcode number and still get my books - is it weird to have a fourteen-digit barcode number memorized? I think I would have cried if I had to go pile them back on the shelf and then return to get them again. Luckily, before I'd even finished have the sentence, the librarian assured me that as long as I had some form of ID, it wouldn't be a problem. She was so kind and accomodating - the way all librarians I've ever encountered have always been.

Now, I know library looks aren't for everyone. I have a friend who refuses to borrow books from the library because she doesn't know what people before her have been doing with them. I get it, I do. Sometimes there are crayon marks, sometimes there are tears, sometimes the entire binding is literally falling apart. Heck, I recently read one that someone had taken it upon themself to annotate (really weird comments, too). At the end of the day though, the words inside are the same and it's just as easy for me to get swept up in the story.

For me, going to the library has always been a magical experience. You're surrounded by so many different stories, so many different lives and worlds that it's just a matter of picking one to delve into.
I love my library for always keeping up with the newest releases, my librarians for their friendliness, CC, my library card (I know what you guys are thinking...) for being the coolest inanimate object ever and my mom for taking me to the library at least once a week.

THANK YOU, all of you!


  1. I love going to the library! When I travel I always want to check out libraries, my family doesn't get it :( magical places they are!!

  2. I cannot agree with you more. Library are fantastic! I go at least one a week.

  3. I love library love. Thanks for commenting!

  4. The library. I have totally mixed feelings about it. I know it's a magical place and all. But I ALWAYS, ALWAYS end up with late fees when I take books out of the library! ALWAYS. I bring books home and then get caught up in other things and I never finish them in time. Plus, no one in my family has time to take me to the library. And I'm not ganna lie, my library doesn't have a very good selection of YA books. But the reason I started working was so that I could buy books without having to ask my parents for money. And the Book Depository is very gentle with my bank balance. Let's not forget about Galley Grab and Netgalley though, bless their beautiful souls!

  5. How long does the library let you have your books? Mine is 3 weeks and I can rarely renew everything because other people will have requested it. I have... $8.75 in fees right now. I'll probably just pay it when it freezes my account or something, LOL. (This is why you should move to Brampton.)

    Yeah, that's one of the reasons I want to get a job. My parents aren't crazy about the idea of me working and having school though. Oh, yes! Galley Grab and NetGalley have my love forever.